MIXED SCRAMBLE – This is an optional tournament played the first day of the tournament. Flights will be made of eight two-person teams, if possible.  Teams are comprised of one man and one lady per team. Flights will be made according to MSGA target scores kept by the scorekeeper. The tournament is played as a scramble. Men will play from the senior tees and women from the ladies’ tees or similarly designated ladies tees.

TARGET SCORE – HANDICAP. This is kept by the scorekeeper and any scores that are played in the tournament will be averaged with the previous target score for each player. This process will result in the new Target score kept by the scorekeeper. The men’s averaging will be as follows; men’s average is beginning target score for the tournament plus the two scores recorded in the tournament, then the total divided by three will result in the new target score.  The couples and ladies target scores will be computed by adding the beginning target score twice then adding the score recorded in the tournament to get a three score total, dividing this total by three will give the new target score.

PRACTICE ROUND – MERCHANDISE TOURNAMENT. This is held the second day of a four day tournament in conjunction with the practice round. It is held the first day of a three day tournament in conjunction with the couples tournament. This is an optional tournament. Those who wish to participate will post an entry fee of twenty ($20) dollars, with the top third of the players receiving sixty ($60) dollars in a merchandise certificate. The points are determined as follows: double bogey = 0 point, bogey = 1 point, par = 2 points, birdie = 4 points, eagle = 8 points and hole in 1 = 16 points. Players are encouraged to pick up a double bogey. Each player will have a target based on his men’s target score for the upcoming tournament.  A minimum target score of 5 points will be established for those players whose men’s target results in needing less than 5 points.

MEN’S TOURNAMENT –  Played on the last two days of the tournament. Flights will be as close to eight men as possible. 36 holes stroke play, competing against the Target score.

LADIES’ TOURNAMENT –  Played on the second day of the tournament.  Flights will be as close to eight ladies as possible. Stroke play competing against the target score.

TWO-MAN SCRAMBLE – Each team will compete against a differential target derived from the Target score of each member. The differential is the difference between the high and low scores of each 2-man team
From 0 up to and including 5 – deduct 10 strokes from lower score
From 6 up to and including 10 – deduct 9 strokes from lower score
From 11 up to and including 15 – deduct 8 strokes from lower score
From 15 up to and including 20 – deduct 7 strokes from lower score
From 21 up to and including 26 – deduct 6 strokes from lower score
From 26 and more – deduct 5 strokes from lower score

ANNUAL TOURNAMENT – This is a 3 day tournament for men. The president will decide which of the highest numbered flights, depending on the number of players participating, will be a 2-Day Tournament. Flights will be made up of 8 men, if possible. The championship flight will be made up of 16 men on First Day, with the lowest 8 scores remaining in the flight. The higher 8 scores will make up the first flight. All flights, except championship, will be net scores against the established Target. Championship shall be gross scores only.