USGA and local rules apply with the following exceptions:

  1. Fourteen club rule is waived
  2. One ball condition is not in effect
  3. Improve lie (except in hazards and bunkers) within one club-length no closer to the hole through the green. Under this rule, the ball may be moved from rough to fairway, but not onto the putting surface.
  4. Out of bounds or lost ball – treated as a lateral hazard
  5. Drop ball within 2 club lengths of where ball estimated to have gone out of bounds or lost, no closer to the hole. Penalty of one shot.
  6. Putts within 20 inches are conceded.
  7. Triple bogey is the maximum score on any hole. If the ball is not holed with a triple bogey, stop playing the hole and record a triple bogey for your score on the hole.
  8. When ball is in a water hazard, play another ball. If the second ball comes to rest in the same hazard, the player can proceed to the green side of the hazard and proceed with play, counting all strokes and penalties – one penalty stroke for each stroke into the hazard.
  9. We are guests. Please leave the course in good condition by repairing divots, ball markers and traps, and take care to prevent cart damage to the course.